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PianoFest 2020 - "Anything Goes!"

*Due to Covid-19, PianoFest 2020 will be a virtual event this year.

  • October 30 (Friday) - Application and Fees Due
  • November 12 (Thursday) - YouTube videos and scores due by 11:59pm
  • Event description:

    • A non-competitive event open to students of all ages and levels in Middle Tennessee.

    • Students play a single-movement work or movement from a larger in front of an adjudicator for written comments​​, a rating, and possible medal or ribbon.

    • Theme: "Anything Goes!" - Any original work by a composer in the classical genre.  Children's teaching pieces are permitted, but need to be original.

    • Students are judged solely on their own playing, not in comparison to other entrants.

    • Ratings: Superior, Excellent, Very Good, Good​​

      • Students receiving a rating of Superior will also receive a medal​​.

  • Eligibality and cost:​​​

    • Open to any student of an MTMTA teacher, as well as non-MTMTA teachers​

      • MTMTA member - $20 application fee​

      • Non-MTMTA member - $25 application fee

  • Application Information:​​ 

    • Online pdf application: Click HERE​ 

      • IMPORTANT: Download and save PDF to your computer BEFORE filling it out. Then open the document from your computer and proceed to fill out and 'save.' Otherwise, you risk losing the information you entered.

      • Please fill out and send by mail, or save and email to ​​​ 

      • Checks should be sent to the address indicated on the application​​

    • YouTube links: Send to along with a scan or photos of the music by Nov. 12.  Mainstream classical works do not need to be scannedApplication Deadline: Saturday, October 26th (postmarked)​​

  • Repertoire and requirements:​​​​

    • A single-movement work or movement from a larger work by any composer whose last name starts with the letter "B".

    • Multiple pieces can be entered if the total timing of all pieces falls underneath 8 minutes. An additional $15 fee will be required if the total timing is over 8 minutes.

    • Duets/ensembles are permitted. $30 per duet entry ($15 per student).

    • Repeats optional​​.

    • Memorization required for solo repertoire; not required for duets/ensembles. 

    • Please bring original music, no photocopies, with measures numbered.

    • Questions regarding repertoire may be directed to Sheri Harris.

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