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Local Auditions

Saturday, April 6, 2024 - MTSU (Apply by Saturday, March 16) 
  • Description: 

    • Local Auditions are preliminary to the TMTA State Competitions in June

    • Auditions are held in the spring by each local association throughout the state​​

    • Detailed information can be found on the TMTA website ( and in the TMTA Auditions and Competition Syllabus (pdf)​​

  • Applications:​

    • Local Auditions Application (google form)

    • Please note: After submitting the application form, a check for $30 (payable to MTMTA) for each student participating should be sent to Scott Burt at the following address:​​


                     1816 Alpine Dr.

                     Columbia, TN 38401

  • General overview:​

    • Open to students of TMTA / MTMTA members only​

    • Cost is $30 per student​​

    • Open to students in grades K-12. Students in grades 3-12 must take the TMTA Musicianship Tests, in addition to performance repertoire

      • The Musicinaship Test Syllabus is available from the state Auditions and Competitions​​ Syllabus/Musicianship Chair (currently Barbara Hildebrand,

    • Local Auditions are open to students on any instrument (see below), not just piano

    • ​Students who receive Superior ratings and meet the musicianship requirements are eligible to participate in the state competitions in June

  • Categories:​

    • Elementary: K-5

    • Junior: Grades 6-8

    • Senior: Grades 9-12

    • Adult and Collegiate (comments only)

    • Instruments accepted:

      • Brass: Trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba

      • Strings: Violin, viola, cello, bass

      • Woodwinds: Flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, saxophone

      • Other: Piano, jazz piano, organ, harp, classical guitar​, voice

  • Repertoire​​:

    • Students must perform a minimum of three pieces representing three of the following periods:​

      • Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, Modern, Contemporary​

      • Memorization is required except for avant-garde works post 1950​​

      • Maximum performance times:

        • Grades K-5: 10 minutes​​​

        • Grades 6-8: 15 minutes​​

        • Grades 9-12: 20 minutes​​

        • Adult and Collegiate: 30 minutes​​

  • Musicianship Tests:​​

    • Grades K-2: Exempt​

    • Grades 3-12: Students must select four tests, levels to be determined individually

    • Adult and Collegiate: Exempt​​

    • NOTES (from TMTA Syllabus):

      • ​"All students in grades 3 through 12 entering solo auditions at the local level are required to take the TMTA Musicianship Tests. Pianists and organists take four tests. Instrumentalists and vocalists take three. All may choose their tests from any of the eight categories. If they wish, they may use the piano for some of the tests. There are also six levels of sight-reading and technique for flute. A passing score is an average of 70 on the examinations taken."

      • "Students may choose any level of a Musicianship Test. Test levels do not have to be the same. It is recommended that a test not be repeated if a passing grade of 70 was​​ made the previous year."

      • "Each local association may administer the Musicianship Tests as it chooses, either as a group, or with individual teachers testing their own students."​​

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