PianoFest 2020 - "Anything Goes!"

*Due to Covid-19, PianoFest 2020 will be a virtual event this year.

  • October 30 (Friday) - Application and Fees Due
  • November 12 (Thursday) - YouTube videos and scores due by 11:59pm
  • Event description:

    • A non-competitive event open to students of all ages and levels in Middle Tennessee.

    • Students play a single-movement work or movement from a larger in front of an adjudicator for written comments​​, a rating, and possible medal or ribbon.

    • Theme: "Anything Goes!" - Any original work by a composer in the classical genre.  Children's teaching pieces are permitted, but need to be original.

    • Students are judged solely on their own playing, not in comparison to other entrants.

    • Ratings: Superior, Excellent, Very Good, Good​​

      • Students receiving a rating of Superior will also receive a medal​​.

  • Eligibality and cost:​​​

    • Open to any student of an MTMTA teacher, as well as non-MTMTA teachers​

      • MTMTA member - $20 application fee​

      • Non-MTMTA member - $25 application fee

  • Application Information:​​ 

    • Online Application (google form) - due Friday, October 30.

    • Application Fee: Send check by October 30 to the address indicated on the application​​. 

    • YouTube links: Send to sheri.stonerharris@mtsu.edu by Thursday, Nov. 12 at 11:59pm.

    • Scores: Email scanned copies or photos of music by Nov. 12 at 11:59pm. Mainstream classical works do not need to be scanned. Measures should be numbered. 

  • Repertoire and requirements:​​​​

    • Any original single-movement work or movement from a larger work by any composer in the classical genre. Children's teaching pieces are permitted, but need to be original.

    • Multiple pieces can be entered if the total timing of all pieces falls underneath 8 minutes. An additional $15 fee will be required if the total timing is over 8 minutes.

    • Duets/ensembles are permitted. $30 per duet entry ($15 per student).

    • Repeats optional​​.

    • Memorization required for solo repertoire; not required for duets/ensembles. 

    • Please number measures in scanned scores.

    • Questions regarding repertoire may be directed to Sheri Harris.

  • Contact​

    • Sheri Harris, Festival Coordinator​

      • Sheri.stonerharris@mtsu.edu​

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